Will They Just Make the FNL Deal Official Already??

I have to tell you that I am beginning to get impatient. In fact, I'm borderline miffed.

You see, on March 6, Friday Night Lights fans learned that a deal between NBC and DirectTV was in the works and that while not yet official, was looking "more than promising."

Here is a summary about what we have heard about this deal since then:

March 6: Jason Katims reported that nothing is official, but "we remain optimistic about the future of the series."

March 18: "It's not final, but it's close" and the deal is "nearly done."

March 19: An unnamed castmember told E!Online, "It's happening. I'm not supposed to say anything. We're not supposed to say anything. But it is happening. I want you to know."

March 27: Kyle Chandler goes on NPR and says that a deal had been reached and that all that has to happen is to "dot the i's and cross the t's."

March 28: E!Online has reported that a Season 3 is looking "more and more official-ish."

Seriously, I think that peace treaties get signed faster than this! I'm not quite sure what the holdup is, but I honestly don't want to hear any more news about the entire thing until I am being told that the deal is 100% official. I can only hear that something is official-ish so many times...

Stop playing with our heads and just make it official, NBC and DirecTV!


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