Psyched for Psych's Return?

A Look at the Season Opener

Before I talk about the screener of the season premiere of Psych that I watched, which premieres tonight at 10PM on USA Network, I should note that I am not a regular viewer of Psych.

In fact, I haven't seen an episode since the first season.

That being said, the thing that's great about most of these summer shows on USA - like Psych, Monk and Burn Notice - is that you can easily jump right in without hurting your brain too much (as opposed to trying to jump in on Lost at the beginning of the 3rd season...)

So - it seems that the previous season of Psych ended with Shawn (James Roday) encountering a faceless mother at his doorstep (Alias, anyone?), which we learned in the interim between seasons would be played by none other than Cybill herself, Cybill Shepherd.

This episode also sees the appearance of another new character, Mr. Haversham (Christopher McDonald), the boss of Gus's (Dule Hill) boss at work. Gus is feeling particularly stressed about his job these days because his immediate boss is not happy that he has been slacking on work to solve cases for the agency. Luckily, when Gus goes to speak to Haversham, he presents him with his own case instead of a pink slip. The case: Mr. Haversham's wife is convinced that there's a ghost in his house. This leads to various shenanigans at Haversham's house which you can watch for yourself.

Honestly, I find more of the scenes entertaining in Psych when Shawn and Gus are not working on a case. I know Psych has a lot of fans out there, but for me, the cases are just too...silly. This is true especially after you see the resolution of this episode's case, which I won't spoil for you here. I think that the show tries so hard to be cutesy that it is sometimes overdone (and thus to me becomes no longer funny, but grating). That's not to say of course that there aren't some funny one-liners thrown in there.

Since I don't love the cases, I do really appreciate the show's more dramatic scenes. I think Cybill Shepherd's character is going to add an interesting dimension to this season, especially after you see the ending of the premiere. I also enjoyed Lassiter's encounter with Madeleine (Shepherd) at the police department, especially Lassiter's reaction upon learning that she was Shawn's mother.

So if you couldn't tell, Psych isn't necessarily one of my favorites. Like I said earlier, I don't watch every episode, and it's doubtful that I'm going to start now. That being said, for Summer TV fare, you could do a whole lot worse, especially with all of the shows like I Love Money that are airing these days. And...just because I don't love it doesn't mean that you can't!

Watch the premiere of Psych tonight on USA Network at 10PM!


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