SideReel: This Week in TV - 2.1.2010 - Featured

It's the beginning of an all new exciting week of TV and Kendra and Rachel are back to dish on what's new!

This week - in addition to highlighting TV Premieres, Specials and Returns (like Lost and Friday's Smallville TV movie!) - K&R share a Comedy Central giveaway where you can win Sarah Silverman Program and Important Things with Demetri Martin DVDs as well as spend a little extra time discussing the return of Lost.

Watch to find out some of K&R's Top Unanswered Questions that remain on Lost and also to learn how YOU can win a Lost Season 5 DVD!

Check out the video here:

SideReel's This Week in TV (2/1/10)

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Mar 24, 2016 4:19PM EDT


1) Will get answered to you in an awesome way very early on in the season =) Won't ruin this moment, it was epic.
2) Yes, they are all dead. dead is dead. Even jacob said, " I was killed 10 minutes ago" to hurley.
3) Walt was supposed to be special, but as you guys guessed, it was because of the age issue. But they have said they will address the specialness in a different way. Sorta like talking about him but it will be answered somewhat.
Locke, well sadly his story is a tragedy. It ended when Ben killed him, his whole time on the island he was manipulated to think he was special so it would lead him to that moment. Just so MIB(smoke monster) could kill jacob.
4) yes this gets answered. read something about each one of the characters (not kate?) is a number.
5) No clue, can't wait to find out!
Got all this from watching the first 2 hours and getting somewhat spoiled on the couple episodes after, so they are only accurate to as much i've seen/read =)

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Feb 3, 2010 2:44PM EST

What's the deal with Claire? Where is she, what happened? And what is going to happen to Aaron with or without Claire raising him? Why did Desmond tell Charlie that he saw Claire and Aaron getting on the helicopter if he dies, when really only Aaron made it on the helicopter? Was he lying? Did he mistake Kate for Claire, or did something really change?

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