We're Ready to Meet Kevin Johnson

I have some good news and I have some bad news.

Good news: Tonight's episode of Lost, "Meet Kevin Johnson", is sure to be a great one. Back when there was still a strike going on and additional episodes had not yet been ordered for the season, we were promised a killer cliffhanger at the end of what will be tonight's episode.

Bad news: This will be the last episode of Lost for over a month, as it was the final pre-strike episode to be filmed. Furthermore, there's that cliffhanger and whatever impact it may have on your sanity until April 24th (which is when Lost will be returning at the new time of 10:00pm).

To prepare you for tonight's show, check out Entertainment Weekly's feature, which includes odds on which character might die, a debate about whether or not Aaron is definitively a member of the Oceanic 6 and more:

Lost: So Who's Gonna Die | EW.com


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