'Jersey Shore': Beach blast! - EW Review

So, last night was the premiere of MTV's delicious, guido-loving, fist-pumping docu-reality series Jersey Shore, a show that's been ruffling more than a few feathers because it supposedly builds on negative stereotypes and bad behaviors of a subset of Italian-Americans that call themselves"guidos." But - did those haters actually watch the show? Well, I did, and I'm here to tell you it's pretty much the bomb. (Sorry if that offends you!) Sure, it's also pretty much complete trash -and it certainly does build on stereotypes of "guidos" - but c'mon! It's really just harmless fun. (And if you aren't one of these "guidos" but still can't separate yourself from then, then - well, you've got bigger problems.)

Jersey Shore is like The Real World, but filled with super-skanky folks of Italian descent who want nothing more than to tan, drink, and hook up. Wha's wrong with that? And, in this instance, just like The Real World, the people depicted on screen are there - tanned skinned,"juiced" muscles, gelled hair and all - on their own accord. These seemingly silly "guidos and guidettes" (their words, not mine) aren't being forced to do anything - MTV just brought its cameras and let them do their thing.

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