Weeds: Season 5, Episode 8, "A Distinctive Horn" Preview

The 5th season of Weeds continues next Monday, July 27th, with an all new episode titled "A Distinctive Horn".

In this episode, the tension between Nancy and Esteban mounts as Pilar adds to the conflict. Nancy looks to Andy for help, just as hes focused on his relationship with Audra. Dean offers to help Silas and Doug get their dispensary back on track, but Celia sees an opportunity and steps in.

Showtime already has 2 preview clips available of the episode, which you can watch now:

Preview Clip 1 - Plum Juice

When Celia tries to return all of her "You're Pretty" cosmetics supply, she sees another side of the seemingly cheerful Raylene.

Preview Clip 2 - Laugh With The Sinners

Andy, after shaving his scruffy beard, asks Nancy's gynecologist Audra if she'd like to get dinner.

"A Distinctive Horn" airs next Monday, July 27th at 10PM on Showtime.


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