Lost's Biggest Question: Does Alpert Wear Guyliner? - Featured

Some people fester on the bigger questions of Lost. As Locke puts it, "When are they?" And what's wrong with Charlotte? And who's Faraday's mother? Is Widmore Faraday's father? And...the questions are endless!

But me, I fixate on the smaller questions. Mainly, is the non-aging Richard Alpert (as played by Nestor Carbonell) wearing eyeliner (or, as it has been dubbed, guyliner)?

Carbonell swears he does not in the following entertaining interview from SciFiWire:

What's up with Lost's Nestor Carbonell not aging? And the 'guyliner'?

We also learn that the actor was originally hired for a quick guest spot, but now will be appearing throughout the duration of the show.

I also totally forgot that Carbonell was a part of the cast of The Dark Knight; he played Gotham City mayor Anthony Garcia.



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Jan 29, 2009 6:51PM EST

I have been trying to figure that out since his first appearance, his eyes are gorgeous!! lol dont think he does though cos I've googled him to bits and I think its natural


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Jan 29, 2009 10:41PM EST

Yeah, He doesn't I've been a big fan of his since I first saw on the short lived live version of The Tick, Yes I know I'm a geek. And His eyes have always looked like that, even on Veronica's Closet. And Yes I did spend my pubescent years absorbing everything TV and Movies. And I think I have some theories on your other questions; Faraday's mother is the lady in the church that Ben meets with at the end of "the lie", the this that's wrong with Charlotte is what was happening to Desmond last season, Widmore is not Faraday's father he's Charlotte, because if you remember last season Miles said to her "Why would you leave the island after trying so hard to get back here?";) And the cute blond that Faraday thought she reminded of sombody is her mother. But I'm totaly wrong on that one and she's the mother from the girl he tried his mind time travel machine on.

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