Sometimes Beautiful Skin is Not Enough (Episode 6 Review)

Last night on ANTM:

Dominique fights with everyone. Tyra teaches pain. The girls pose as musical genres.

Spoilers to follow.

Some thoughts about the episode:

-We begin by being reminded how beautiful young Aimee's skin looked in her previous week's photo, which is such an odd thing to dwell on that it seemed to immediately suggest she was bottom 2 material.

-Claire taught me that apparently you can will your breast milk to not dry up by thinking hard about your baby.

-The biggest conflict of this episode was a silly little argument about Dominique setting her alarm too early and waking the other girls up (I guess the show put all of the girls in a single room for moments like these). While Dominique was obviously wrong (and hilariously decided that the only reason an argument was occurring was because the other girls were trying to "bring her down"), the end result for me was that I like Dominique as little as I did before, but now care for both Claire and Whitney less. In previous weeks I had thought Whitney seemed pretty cool, always sticking up for the girls getting picked on in the house, but more and more she is seeming like an obnoxious instigator. Same goes for Claire (and by the way...I'm not so sure "at least I have a husband" is such a great accomplishment).

-Who knew Lauren had it in her to start screaming and cursing unintelligibly?

-Tyra opts against dressing the girls in nude colored leotards this time around (thank you, God) and instead dresses them in red for their posing lesson (which I thought they had already learned 2 weeks ago, but apparently the girls still needed help) in the dance studio. She also opted against teaching them how to slide down walls seductively, which personally was one of my favorite moments last cycle.

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