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Character Background

Nate Archibald is Gossip Girl's poor (briefly turned actually poor) rich kid. He seemingly has the perfect life - but it is quickly revealed that his perfect relationship (Blair) is somewhat of a sham and his family life is anything but solid. He's basically living a life of his father's choice and lacks the cajones to do anything about it. Later on, we learn Nate's father is 1) a drug addict who 2) has embezzled a ton of money. Nate's father initally skips town to hide from the authorities which causes all of the family's assets to be frozen. Nate's father later returns and after prodding by Nate turns himself into the FBI. Yay! Nate's rich again!

Romantically, after Nate's relationship with Blair ends (and of course his drunken tryst with Serena), he has shacked up with a married woman, had a brief non-sexual fling with Jenny Humphrey and is currently trying to make things work out with Dan's best friend, Vanessa.

Fav Quotes

I have to say, Nate is decidedly less quote worthy than many of the other Gossip Girl castmembers:

Dan: So? What's he like?

Nate: Like a Dartmouth English Lit prof I have nothing in common with. Guess I could tell him how everything I have I got because I'm an Archibald.

1.3 - Poison Ivy

Chuck: Look, if you're done with Blair, be done. Don't cave to your parents' wishes if they're not your desires.

Nate: Excuse me? Where's my boy? "Seal the deal." "Tap that ass." "Money marries bigger money."

1.8 - Seventeen Candles

I just don't get it, I organized everything the way she likes it. I mean, I even made sure sure my bowtie matched her dress. - 1.10 - Hi Society

Oh. I didn't hear you - You said "punk"? Because you had me at "lesbian". - 1.15 - Desperately Seeking Serena

Do you ever get tired of carrying around that chip around on your shoulder, Dan? No wonder Serena dumped you. - 2.6 - New Haven Can Wait

Quote Source: Planet Claire


Casual Prepster

Nate has a less pronounced fashion than the other Gossip guys, but I'd say it could best be described as preppy casual. You'll see Nate wearing clothing that came out of a JCrew catalog - sport coats, ties, sweater vests, etc. in relatively mute and inoffensive colors (no hot pink for Nate), but he'll tone it down by leaving his shirt untucked and tie loosened.

Fav Love Interest

TBD. Since we've paired off Nate's former girlfriend Blair with Chuck and his once-fling Serena with Dan...this only leaves Jenny (yuck) and Vanessa (double yuck) left as options. Nate with Jenny is creepy with a capital 'C' and Nate with Vanessa is boring with a capital 'B'. I'm hoping that Nate's best love interest is yet to come in this series.

Juiciest Gossip Girl Scandal

Seems like all of Nate's scandals revolve around sex, don't they? Guess it's because he's so gosh darn pretty! Obviously, one of Nate's larger scandals occurred at the beginning of the series when he hopped into bed with his girlfriend's best friend (Serena). However, since then, I think Nate's biggest scandal has been his cougar affair turned gigolo gig (Nate's lady friend Catherine basically paid him to continue sleeping with him after he lost interest).

What are your favs for Nate? I wrote this profile I thought to Nate the least compelling character on Gossip Girl?

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Mar 16, 2009 10:35PM EDT

What about that quote that he made at the beginning of the first season to Chuck, "What, because you kill people now? ... Because I'm just saying - death by scarf? Not that intimidating."That was hilarious! =]

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Mar 17, 2009 8:36AM EDT

"death by scarf" = BEST EVER!

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