Midseason Mania: Least Exciting Premieres & Returns, Part 2

Superstars of Dance

I'm not saying that this show is terrible, but I believe that it represents all that is wrong with NBC. Since they lack ideas (and the $$) to create original fare, they have peppered their Midseason schedule with reality programming, and even that isn't original. Superstars of Dance is merely a hybrid of successful reality shows from other networks - mainly So You Think You Can Dance from Fox and Dancing with the Stars on ABC. I also intensely dislike reality competitions where performers receive completely arbitrary scoring from judges.

Howie Do It

What do you know...another reality show from NBC, with recycled host Howie Mandel. Is Mandel really that charming? Do we really need to see a second reality program on the same network hosted by him? Do people really still want to see a hidden camera reality show? These questions are all rhetorical.

According to Jim

This is the sitcom that never dies. ABC cancels quality programming including Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, yet this dreck survives to see an 8th season? Life isn't fair.

Hole in the Wall

I found the concept of Human Tetris to be funny for about 5 minutes when I was watching it on YouTube with English subtitles (as the original was a Japanese gameshow). But as a weekly TV show in the US returning for a 2nd season? Snore.

The City

It's time for this MTV franchise to die. I promise you that humanity will benefit.

Have we missed some unexciting junk that is a part of Midseason? Is According to Jim in fact your favorite show ever? Share in comments!


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