V on ABC - LA Times Review

Smooth talkers from space aren't what they seem in a sci-fi tale that is sleeker and faster than the 1983 original.

Some story lines just never get old -- star-crossed lovers, mistaken identity, lizard men from outer space.

It's impossible to tiptoe around the main plot device of ABC's V (Reimagined Series) -- those aliens may be smart and purty but they're up to no good -- because it is, of course, a remake of the 1983 miniseries. And even if it weren't, writers Kenneth Johnson and Scott Peters have infused the pilot with as many sly sci-fi references as CG special effects.

Which are pretty terrific, as is the pilot in general. Although fans of the first "V" may find themselves longing for Richard Herd's Supreme Commander in his jaunty jumpsuit and funky glasses, this "V" is not only sleeker, faster and more visually gripping, it promises to be thematically more compelling.

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