If There's Anything I Can't Stand (10/21/2007)

What Happened in a Nutshell:

Susan alienates the new gay neighbors. Repeatedly. Lots of people get crabs. Dead aunt. Baby shower shenanigans.

What Worked:

-Kevin Rahm's (who I only remember as Dan Futterman's replacement in "Judging Amy", but who also apparently was in other things) deadpan delivery of the lines, "I hope we can live up to your stereotype" and "We're gay Mormons"

-The scene where Edie realizes that Carlos has been cheating on her through witnessing the waiter bring around the crab cake tray (which he does in the same progression that the crabs actually spread - really clever)

-Lynette declaring, "I am a cancer bitch" (because sick people really can get pretty mean, but you'll still feel like a bad person if you tell them...so it's great if they realize it for themselves)

What Sucked:

-Teri Hatcher (or Susan, to be fair, though for some reason I have a sneaking suspicion that Teri Hatcher is playing a variation of herself) was beyond annoying this week. After the initial encounter with the gay neighbors (which was pleasantly unpleasant), I just wanted to claw my eyes out during every single one of her scenes.

-Orson driving around on that scooter

-Dylan is quite possibly the dumbest teenager alive. She knew that the dying aunt had all of the answers! Why didn't she shove her mother out of the room and lock the door instead of playing her cello until the woman died (and I was so sure that Dana Delaney was going smother that aunt's face, but thankfully she kicked the bucket naturally)?

-The grandmother finding Danielle at the convent at the end of the episode. I really don't care about Danielle and especially don't want a "Danielle is missing" storyline in future weeks.


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