Comedy of the Week: An Always Sunny Clip Show

Still not sure if It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is for you?

I've done my best at assembling a variety of clips from the show that will give you a sense of the program's humor.

The better clips are from Hulu below (beware, because the show is rated MA, you must have a Hulu account and be logged in to view them):

Dennis resembles a child molester: A Problem for Dennis

Dennis tries to sleep with Mac's mom: Dennis Hits on Mac's Mom

Charlie's Intervention (everybody mistakenly believes he was molested as a child): Where Were You Touched

Trying to collect welfare: Crackhead and Retard

Also, for international viewers or people that don't want to bother creating a Hulu account, here's a few YouTube clips:

Chopping Cats

Choosing Basketball Teams

Preaching religion


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Jul 22, 2008 6:23PM EDT

Ha - excellent work with displaying the wonders of the show! I've only caught one or two episodes before, but these are definitely convincing me to try it out - I couldn't love anything more than ridiculousness that gets way out of hand... and to hilarious music to boot!

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