Nip/Tuck Returns to FX at 10PM Tonight!

Tonight is an exciting night of premieres and returns!

One such return is that of Nip/Tuck, which is finally resuming it's 5th season.

To remind you of where we left off, our favorite aging-but-still-hot plastic surgeons relocated themselves to glitzy LA, where all of their trouble and more seemed to follow them. Sean thought it a good idea to pursue a stage career where he landed a role on hit TV show Hearts 'N Scalpels. Much to Christian's chagrin, Sean gains a reasonable amount of fame.

In the meantime, Matt marries Kimber and the two become unhappily married drug addicts - accidental meth fire included. They fail to do anything else of note for these 14 episodes.

Julia becomes a lesbian and dates Olivia Lord, whose daughter Eden (AnnaLynne McCord of 90210) is evil incarnate. She seduces and sleeps with Sean as well as begins poisoning Julia. If the poisoning wasn't enough, Eden finally shoots Julia and she [Julia] subsequently develops amnesia.

The half-season concludes with Sean's crazy agent Colleen turning out to not be an agent at all, but a themed-teddy-bear-stand owning psychopath. Christian and Annie (Sean's daughter) get into a paparazzi-induced accident, but as Sean is about to operate on Annie, is brutally stabbed by crazy Colleen. Yes, the season concludes with one of the docs in mortal peril for the umpteenth time...

Sounds especially ridiculous in writing, doesn't it?

I've also had an opportunity to check out the first new episode, "Ronnie Chase", and while the show is still lacking some of the originality and excitement of its earlier days, it appears at least for the time-being to be back on track.

The crazy Colleen story gets wrapped up satisfactorily and in not too much time. In this episode, some characters who I intensely disliked in the first part of the season (Olivia, Eden, Julia, Kimber) did not even appear and others (Matt) seem to be taking a more tolerable direction.

Because of his attack, Sean is temporarily out of commission and pursuing some other opportunities, and Christian is diagnosed with a somewhat unique health concern.

That's all you're going to get from me! you're officially ready for Season 5, Part 2! Excited?


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