Can Britney Save HIMYM (and Herself)?

The night has finally arrived. Tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother - "Ten Sessions" - which will feature the guest appearance of a certain pop sensation turned mother turned crazy - is bringing more attention to How I Met Your Mother than it has ever received before.

I have to admit that at first I was slightly concerned. This seemed like nothing more than a guest-casting stunt, a blatant attempt at getting the show (now in its 3rd season and on the bubble for renewal yet again) some of the ratings that it desperately needs (and putting its generally high quality in jeopardy; the last time we saw Britney on TV were at those MTV VMAs...).

However, after seeing all of the promos and hearing all of the testimonials from the cast about how great Britney was to work with, I've changed my tune. Britney is looking better than she has looked in ages, and in the very least it seems like she didn't bomb in her performance.

This whole ordeal is an example of mutualism at its best. In 2 week's time, Mother has gone from on the brink of cancellation to "likely to be renewed" and Britney is getting words like "comeback" attached to her name for a mere guest appearance which probably consists of at most 5 minutes' screen time.

I desperately want How I Met Your Mother to get another season (it is a good - and sometimes great - comedy, that until now has failed to get the attention that it deserves) and I think that Britney has demonstrated that she both wants and has the ability to turn things around for herself (and lets not forget that the girl is only 26 years old).

What I am getting at is thus simple:

Watch How I Met Your Mother tonight at 8:30pm on CBS!


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