Another Birthday! Numb3rs Turns 100 - Featured

This week on Numb3rs (Fridays, 10 pm/ET), the CBS drama marks its 100th-episode milestone with a case that harkens back to Day 1, when a serial rapist vexed Don and Charlie. Original cast member Alimi Ballard, who week in and week out offers formidable back-up as Agent David Sinclair, gave a look at the very creepy case to come, raved about the Fonz's utter coolness, and teased a season finale that will leave fans - and a very important something - hanging. A lot of shows seem to be celebrating their 100th episode these days. What is Numbers doing special for the fans this week?

Alimi Ballard: We have a lot of humor, we have a lot of pizzazz, we have Josh Gad [returning as conspiracy theorist Roy McGill]...Numbers is going to be its most fantastic self, as much as humanly possible. And that involves giving longtime viewers a sense of deja vu, back to the series' very first episode?

Ballard: It's more than creepy. I don't want to give anything away, but it's so creepy. It's a deja vu to the very first criminal we caught on the show, it's an echo of that case. This guy is so much more skin-crawling creepy...If it does what it's supposed to do, people will feel spiders crawling on them.

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