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Still thinking about this Monday's How I Met Your Mother season finale? Critic Alan Sepinwall has a nice interview with creator Carter Bays where the goat, the umbrella, Robarney, the you-know-who in Ted's class and more are covered:

Let's start with by far the most important question raised by the finale: how did you decide that this would be the joke involving the goat? And what were the other goat ideas?

We always knew it was going to be a fight. That was set up very early on in the fight episode, when Ted sort of makes a reference to Ted fighting the goat. The other ideas were the degrees to which we would take the idea of Ted fighting the goat. And that was off us having ideas and our production staff saying, "No way." There were going to be wires at one point, "Matrix"-style special effects, and we negotiated it down to a puppet goat.

After all this time, do you feel like this was a satisfying resolution to that gag?

I think so. Nothing's going to ever satisfy. It's hard to build something up for that long, but it was certainly fun to shoot and be funny. I think we got away with it in terms of realism versus the fantastical.

I love that Ted goes through the rest of the episode with the goat's hoof print on his forehead.

Maybe the rest of the series, who knows?

So where do Robin and Barney stand now?

That's a good question. This episode, I think, kicks the door down for the Barney and Robin romance. We have some ideas. Our big challenge as writers is "What would that be like?" We have some ideas of that would be like. Obviously, it won't be as easy as they're just boyfriend/girlfriend now.

Barney knew going into the season that he had feelings for Robin; what do you feel he and she had to go through this year to get to this point?

Robin's journey was a little more internal. We didn't explore it as much as Barney's. We've seen her in a relationship, she made the journey with Ted, going from the single person to someone who can open up to another person. It was kind of about Barney's side. It was like leaving it a mystery where Robin stands. That's what made it exciting, not knowing what the answer would be. We still kind of don't know what the answer is. I like the ambiguity of, "On what level is she saying that she doesn't want to be in a relationship or she does?" I like that we decided to give ourselves season five to explore that.

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