The League: "Playing Fantasy Football and Wallowing in Real-Life Raunch Off the Imaginary Field"

From the NY Times:

The sorry losers who take part in fantasy sports may have a hard time recognizing themselves in The League, a new FX comedy about longtime buddies who have a fantasy football league. For one thing, several guys in this league actually have sex with their spouses or girlfriends.

Real fantasy-sports nerds, of course, have no sex, because we - I mean they - tend to do things like hold lengthy conversations about the hamstring health of professional athletes and spend their anniversary-dinner money on sports magazines and tipsheets. But Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer, the creators of this show, which starts Thursday night, smartly realized that they had to put some sex in it to attract any viewers other than fantasy-sports nuts, who make a lousy audience anyway, because they're constantly switching over to ESPN to check for hamstring injury updates.

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