By the Numbers: Maybe Mars Wasn't Such a Bad Idea After All

Life on Mars started off with buzz that it was a terrible remake of a far superior BBC show, but a reshoot here and a glowing endorsement there and it turns out we might have Fall's best new show (not that there's all that much competition).

Maybe the public thinks so too, as 11.6 million viewers tuned in, which, according to Variety, logs "the best scores for the premiere of a new drama this season".

Earlier in the evening on ABC, Grey's grabbed 14.5 million viewers at 9 and Ugly Betty had a far lower 8.5 million at 8.

NBC had a decent night - with 7.5 million tuning into the premiere of Kath and Kim, 9 million watching The Office, 10.6 watching the special Thursday night edition of SNL's Weekend Update and 9.3 million viewing ER (go Hot Docs, go!).

However, as usual, the most watched program of the evening aired on CBS; 23 million people watched the premiere of CSI. However, only 11.6 million tuned into the premiere of Eleventh Hour, which is not a particularly good retention rate for airing after CSI.

Lastly, over on The CW, Smallville grabbed 4.1 million and Supernatural 3.1.

Fox had no new offerings for the evening and ranked 4th out of the networks.

Source: Variety


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Oct 25, 2008 8:23PM EDT

suprising (*) *

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