Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 10 "Ring Finger" Review

From TV Squad:

(S01E10) "Just for the record, I'm officially questioning your judgment." - O'Hara to Jackie

This episode of Nurse Jackie drove me a little nuts. All through my notes are little messages to Jackie, like I think she's going to see my notes and take my advice -- before she ruins her life even further.

I mean, I've commented before how difficult it must be keeping her personal life completely separate from her work life, and this episode was like a time bomb waiting to go off.

You just know that sooner or later, she's going to be so fried that she'll forget who knows what, and say something to reveal her secret -- just like she almost did to Mo-Mo when she started talking about the mother-daughter tap dance class.

And cripes! To go so far as to have O'Hara cut the ring off her finger, when she couldn't get it off herself?! That's pretty darn drastic. Why not just tell people the truth? So Eddie would know she's married with children. So what? Something tells me he might keep seeing her even then. And then to have Jackie take a hammer to her finger? She needs her hands! She's a nurse!

The storyline about the guy who dropped dead of a heart attack was pretty heartbreaking. Marley and Me? That's just too sad -- especially since it was a horribly sad movie to begin with.

Also, what the heck is up with Dr. Cooper and his stress-induced feel-ups? Is there really a disease that causes someone to grab a woman's boobs? It seems even more bizarre that a doctor would have it. What if he did it to a patient? Doctoring is stressful business. I would imagine he'd be feeling up any and everyone.

And I liked Jackie's approach when Coop questioned the business about her using him to harvest the guy's organs without the family's consent. After all, he doesn't have any room to talk. He was making out with someone in an exam room, for cripes sake, when he should have been there doing the work Jackie was doing.

And what the heck was up with Jackie kissing Coop?! That scene happened and I just felt like a big shark jumped right over this episode. I had to laugh, though, when she immediately went and scrubbed her teeth raw, like she just couldn't handle the idea of kissing him. Hey, he's not that god-awful looking.

My favorite scene, though, was Zoey busting in on Eddie and Jackie having sex. Zoey had some great scenes in this episode, including that one and the one where she hugged Jackie. Or tried to, rather.

What did you guys think of this episode?

Source - TV Squad

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