Watchmen Rules Box Office, But Did It Underperform? - Featured

As expected, Watchmen was this weekend's box office winner, taking in $55.7 million dollars.

Rest of the Top 5:

#2 Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail ($8.8 million)

#3 Taken (2008) ($7.45 million)

#4 Slumdog Millionaire ($6.9 million)

#5 Paul Blart: Mall Cop ($4.2 million)

But...believe it or not, some box office analysts are considering Watchmen's opening weekend to be a failure (or if not a failure, a disappointment).

Director Zach Syder's previous film, 300, opening to $70.9 million dollars back in 2007 and expectations/predictions for this highly hyped film were around the same figure.

On the flip side, $55.7 million films for a lengthy, R-rated movie based on a graphic novel and not starring any huge-name actors isn't half bad.

Says one box office expert, "People always have overblown expectations for movies like this. It did what a movie this long with an R rating should do."

So...was Watchmen a Mega-Hit, Mild Success or Disappointment? How it performs in the coming weeks will be the big decider...

Source: MTV

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Mar 10, 2009 3:08PM EDT

Heard earlier it did $85 million worldwide opening weekend, but to be honest, I think it has done very well considering the technlogy available that people abuse so they don't go to the box office. And as well, it's not a famous superhero movie like Batman or Spiderman played by known actors. I watched it myself last night and personally thought it done justice to the comic book for the time it had (proper justice would be 10 hours long!).So in comparison with over-hyped web-slingers and half-naked Spartans taking on Egyptian kings, I feel it may have disappointed the studio profit-whores, but not the legions of fans who went to see it.

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