Could the Arrested Development Movie Be Bad?

Now that Michael Cera has signed on for the film, we should be ecstatic that it's that much closer to being a reality, right?

I am just as excited for the next person for the AD film and will be first in line to see it no matter what, but I thought that VideoGum raises some interesting points with this article:

5 Reasons the Arrested Development Movie Might Be Bad, No Offense

You can read their longer rationale by clicking through, but the major 5 reasons are:

5. Trying Too Hard

4. Detracting From The Legacy

3. Relying Too Much On The Past

2. A Rare Miss, Arrested Development

1. Historical Precedent

So what do you think? No way, Jose, the movie will be nothing but fantastic...or do you share some of their concerns?


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Feb 25, 2009 6:10PM EST

They're going to have to write it for a larger audience, ie. people who either didn't watch or don't remember AD. Also 30min comedies usually don't translate that well to a full movie length.
So it'll be funny, but less so than the show.

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