Looking forward to new episodes

I have to say, I wasn't expecting that much out of Greek seeing as it airs on ABC Family, and being a twentysomething, I had always associated the network as one for teens (it is after all called ABC Family).

That being said, due to a lack of other options during the summer, and a really persistent job at promoting the show on the part of ABC, I decided to give the show a chance, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Greek has turned out to be sweet and endearing and a surprisingly not watered down portrayal of college for the sake of airing on ABC Family (there's frat parties and alcohol...). I watched the show each week and always finished with a smile.

The best character by far is definitely Cappie, who consistently has hilarious one liners to throw at you, but Jacob Zachar's 'Rusty' has also done a great job as the anchor and moral center of the show (struggling to find his identity at college, whether that be as a frat boy, brainiac or an awesome combination of both).

I'm looking forward to new episodes in March!


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