Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #01 Anime Review

Developed as a multimedia franchise by Bushiroad, a trading card company, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is seeing adapted as not only a card game but also a visual novel, a radio drama and a manga prior to this new anime series. Animated by JC Staff with direction by Makoto Moriwaki, who has spent his time on a number of series including work on Doraemon and even some time on Yawara! way back in the day, the Sherlock Holmes angle gets played up in yet another form with this new mystery incarnation.

The concept for this series, set in a futuristic setting, involves a world where things called Toys exist and give people all manner of abilities. Unsurprisingly, these things have people using them for criminal pursuits. While you have the police dealing with it on a regular basis, there are plenty of people who want to avoid that angle and they use various detective agencies, such as the one called Milky Holmes. It's owned and operated by Opera Kobayashi who has a group of young detectives working for him. Each of them is definitely their own personality and they each employ their own Toy as well to assist them in their detective duties. But because of their young ages, seeming like junior high school or so, they're all kind of ditzy in a way and tend to have familiar personalities for girls that age. Such as hating to clean, liking to sleep in and so forth. Some stereotypes must be maintained after all.

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