Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #15 Anime Review

The second arc in the Nura series has been a bit slow to get off the ground, especially as they included a poorly done recap in the middle of everything. With the prominence of Inugami and his group in the last episode and their outright declaration this episode, he's setting a very public (within the yokai world) stage with his intent to take over the Nura clan and make it his own. The damage done and the psychological effect is mostly surface level at this point since it just reinforces Rikuo's position to stand firm against them but also gives him the opportunity to set things right on his terms. With most of those who serve under him feeling like they failed him in this instance, they're even more eager to make sure such incidents don't happen again.

A lot of this episode has a meandering kind of feeling after that initial encounter as the yokai at the clan work on repairing the house while Rikuo figures out what his options are. A lot of that time is spent with him doing stuff with his friends though since he wants to have his human life as well. This keeps him tied up with the yokai research club that got kicked off at the beginning of the series so there's that mild awkwardness there as usual, but it's pretty mild overall. Rikuo's time with his friends is rather decent overall since it's a place that has him acting very different from his somewhat more commanding presence he's been adopting as the Third Heir. Not hugely, since he hasn't really taken to that role in a big way, but he's smiling more and laughing more with his friends which is a welcome thing to see since it gives him a place to relax a little.

When it comes to Inugami's group, they do get some further showcasing in this but it's mostly just them sitting around talking big and prodding each other a bit. The group hasn't exactly won me over because they've not been detailed much, but these small scenes go a long way in selling them as a threat. The animation for it seems to be stronger for them as well, with some really nice designs and overall quality of the animation, such as the numerous teeth in one or the classic designs with the kimono for another. The yokai in the series in general have been pretty weak in my mind, especially those that we've seen in the Nura clan as they're either crazy out there or just plain goofy. Not that I expected threatening or wanted that, but something that wasn't simply comical would have been better.


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