Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #27 Anime Review

Feeling herself to be a failure as a dingo, Niche has run off on her own, leaving her pants as the only reminder of her departure. Lag and Connor head out into the city to try and find her, without much success. Niche, meanwhile, has been wandering the city aimlessly and, when her hunger finally gets the better of her, she sneaks into bread and weapons show Sinners and prepares to make a light snack out of Steak - until she's discovered by the owners. Sylvette and Aria, meanwhile, do what they can back at the house to prepare for Niche's eventual return...

Probably the best scene in this episode has Sylvette trying to explain to Zazie and Aria, with a completely straight face, the importance to Niche of wearing Lag's baggy underwear. It takes all of a few seconds for both of them to burst into laughter at the absurdity of it all - and yet that's the key focus of this episode: whether Niche is worth of wearing pants. Don't ever say that anime doesn't deal with the major philosophical problems of life.

Niche's search for a tasty Steak takes her to the shop of Jacob and Sandra Gobeni, who we briefly saw in the first season. They're a regular stop for most of the Yuusari Bees, it seems, but so far they've managed to avoid meeting Lag and his rather unusual Dingo - so I guess this is as good a chance as any to introduce them, and there are no prizes for guessing that they find Niche to be a little unusual. They take an instant liking to her, though, although they do seem to misunderstand the sort of relationship that Niche and Lag have. Mild comedy ensues.

The boy and his dingo are never going to be separated for long, though, and a situation is handily created that gives the errant Niche a chance to prove her worthiness to serve Lag once again. It was never going to end any other way, really - they value of the episode was just going to come down to how well the story was told, and how well you like Niche as a character. I have to admit that I don't, really, and so the story of how she overcomes her issues doesn't have a whole lot of appeal either. There is still some fun to be had from the other characters, though, however brief their scenes (and they really need to make more use of Sylvette), and so the episode isn't a complete bust. There's also one scene that could be considered to be of vital importance towards the end, when Jacob gives Lag a little something that may help restore Gauche to his old self. Now there's a storyline that the series really needs to get on with.


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