Ghost Hound Complete Series Anime Blu-ray Review

Based off an original idea by Masamune Shirow back in 1987, which ties in really nicely to things being part of Production I.G.’s 20th anniversary event back in 2007, Ghost Hound is a twenty two episode series that will alternately bore you to tears or have you laugh out loud at certain visuals. I’m a huge fan of Shirow, and I like how his works get adapted out of his hands into something just as intriguing, but he’s had his share of misses over the years as well and the first half of Ghost Hound feels like one really big miss.
Ghost Hound takes place in the sleepy little mountain town of Suiten, which is along the mountainous area of Kyushu. It’s a very quiet place where small town politics are amusing, everyone knows everybody else and when things go badly, well, the blame is something that permeates that particular person of family for what seems like an eternity. The series revolves around three middle school students who all have some form of trauma in their lives so far. Taro was part of a kidnapping when he was younger that was the cause of his younger sisters death, Makoto’s father killed himself years earlier after that kidnapping though he doesn’t appear to have been involved and Masayuki transferred from Tokyo with a fear of heights caused when he used to bully someone who ended up falling off of a rooftop to his death. The trauma for all three has deeply impact who they are, and while they don’t get along at first, they do eventually find some common ground.
Interestingly, it’s Masayuki who is the initial driving force as he’s found the rumors and stories of Suiten to be fascinating and discovers that both Makoto and Taro have ties to these events. Obnoxious at first, because of his Tokyo attitude and the way he’s so blunt with things, he eventually is able to get closer to both of them and they sort of joke around about their traumas and the things that make them who they are. Taro is dealing with his out of body experience dreams, Masayuki plays video games that deal with heights in order to try and conquer his fear while Makoto is trying to find out more about his father and who he really was, which can be quite dangerous in a small town environment.

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