The World God Only Knows Episode #02 Anime Review

The devil's literally in the details as Keima has now been informed that the contract didn't stipulate a single loose soul to be captured but rather many of them. It's actually not defined at the moment how many he has to get as Elsie paints it as they have to capture very many of them, enough so that she's now attending school with him, introducing herself as his little sister and even moving in with him. That last part is a bit amusing to watch as Elsie meets Keima's mother who may be the best character in the series. The way she handles Elsie introducing herself as her husband's illegitimate daughter is simply beautiful and goes in the unexpected direction for this particularly common issue.

While Keima is most unhappy with this situation (though not as much as his mother, who used to be in a biker gang and goes to rough extremes), he's making sure that Elsie won't play the role of little sister since she doesn't fit with it as he's experienced it through the many, many videogames he's played. Elsie's introduction to the world through his twisted view of things adds a certain charm to it and seeing her trying to become a good little sister using these concepts only leads to really awkward situations. Elsie's lack of familiarity with the world has us running through familiar gags, including cooking up a properly delicious meal from her plane of existence that's horrifying. These fall into the cute and nicely done category but with a healthy dose of been there and done that. The charm comes from the characters and the way it's handled. It's not over the top like some shows, but it's not so completely subdued either. It's managed to find a decent middle ground that's almost surprising.

A good bit of time is spent between the two in dealing with their relationship and some of the silliness of it, which is actually rather welcome. When the show does decide to deal with the next loose soul, it's closer to the end of the episode so we're not dealing with a show that's spending its entire episode dealing with that one relationship and push for Keima to help retrieve said soul. Keima for his part is actually an interesting character in a way because unlike a lot of leads, he's actually pretty confident about himself, though mostly when it comes to his games. But with those games being a big part of his life and things he talks about easily and openly, it's a different approach. Rather than hide his love of the games he's conquered, he uses it when dealing with Elsie and in figuring out how to deal with the problem soul as well. While he may not want to do it, he's dealing with it grudgingly and not as a limp wristed milquetoast being wrapped into things. And we're not subjected to an entire episode about a particular girl and her back story.


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