Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Anime Blu-ray Box Set Review

One of the more popular franchise that came from the "light novel" genre, Full Metal Panic's third season is one that definitely plays out better in full than in the four DVDs we originally got. Coming into this show after finishing off the first series, but not with a re-watch of the Fumoffu season in betwee, The Second Raid is a show that hews pretty closely to what the first season was all about but with a more serious turn overall. It isn't a tightly plotted show since certain aspects of it, mostly when it comes to the actual villain revelations at the end and most anything dealing with Gate, but the character drama focused on Sousuke and Kaname with Tessa's involvement makes this a rather good and effective drama.

Taking place some three months after the events of the first season, it kicks off to great effect as we watch a mission that Sousuke and the others are on to deal with some third world country that's got its hands on some rather decent AS technology and weapons and is using it to beat down its own people. It's an action packed episode that doesn't have much of the trademark comedy or even much of Kaname, but it sets the standard for the series in terms of visual quality and animation. It's actually a bit more of an involved piece as we learn later in this volume when the apparent main villain of the show comes to collect his money for the weapons he's sold the crackpot dictator. The villain here, a man named Gates, is interesting since he's fairly unbalanced I'd say and has a penchant for killing his own followers if they say the wrong thing. But he almost seems like he's not aware of what he's doing in situations like that.

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