Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #15.5 Anime Review

As the series has gone on, I've realized that the Legend of Legendary Heroes has become a show that I almost dread. And it's not because it's a bad show, it's just a show that has not been able to put the elements together right. There's a number of good characters here, the setting has a lot of potential and the Alpha Stigma aspect with Ryner gives it a really nice hook in terms of power and scale. With the very different arcs at play here, but with parallel paths, they run into the trouble where if you like a particular character and the show focuses on the other, it can be grating. Both Sion and the Ryner and Ferris perspective have a lot to offer but the way they do it has kept it from really gelling properly.

This episode is something of a recap episode in that it shows some of the stories that we've seen so far in the show revolving around Ryner and Ferris as it's told through the eyes of Iris. Some of it is fun as Iris and Sion go toe to toe with each other verbally, but by and large it's all about Ryner and Ferris on their various missions with a nice dose of comedy and action. The show has a really good sense of animation and style about it and seeing it in this format reinforces that, but being what is essentially a recap episode, it doesn't offer anything new or useful that progresses the story. There are some nice moments here and there with Iris but it's what we've seen before and it only stresses that more of the show should be about Ryner and Ferris with the Sion story being more of a background subplot instead of taking over entire episodes.


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