Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode #03 Anime Review

Siblings, preaches Father Garterbelt at the beginning of the episode, are rarely alike - and while Panty and Stocking may not be siblings in the strictest sense of the word, they certainly have a lot of the same issues. When Panty eats Stocking's prize pudding, though, the resulting slagging match results in a complete breakdown in their relationship - and their partnership is <em>over</em>. Which is bad news for Daten City, as they're just not as good when they're working solo. Later, Garterbelt's having a little trouble caused by a lack of tissues - he's got nothing to unload into, if you catch my drift, and while Panty's prepared to offer her mouth to assist, Garterbelt (probably unusually for a man) believes that it's just not the same. It's a problem of truly explosive proportions, especially since the tissue factory has been overrun by Ghosts. So who gets to put things right..?
First things first, then. I have two young kids, and the riots that follow when one inevitably touches / plays with / looks in the general direction of the other's Favourite Thing can reach truly epic proportions - and I know I'm not alone in having to live with this. GAINAX, true to form, take that fairly simple idea and cranks it up to eleven, to create a bitchfight of epic proportions - even the Ghosts of Daten City, quick to take advantage of the girls' estrangement, don't get a look-in when these two get to fighting. The segment also sees the return of Brief, first encountered during the duo's stint in highschool in episode two, who looks set to become the resident geek - and potentially an alternate way for Garterbelt to deal with the problems he has in the second of this week's segments.
The story for that segment has very little time for innudendo, going straight for the in-yer-face (ewww) approach with its subject: the eternal need for a man to relieve certain pressures, be it by fapping, fucking, or having Panty going down on them (other solutions are available). A few hours before this episode went live, the folks handling the subtitles tweeted that "...Whoever got tonight's b-segment of Panty & Stocking past the censors deserves a raise...", and by god they're right. A lot of the appeal of the first episode of Panty and Stocking came from how outrageous is was, and that feeling has again been perfectly captured here. Rumour mill suggests that this episode was initially kicked back and had to be toned down to reach the form it's now in - if that's the case I would really love to see the original.


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