One Piece Episode #471 Anime Review

With an arc like this one, similar to Impel Down to be sure, raising the stakes every couple of episodes is a necessity in order to strengthen the challenge and keep the viewer really wondering what will come next. With the end of the previous episode, the introduction of a fairly significant army of Kuma's walking onto the stage, it was certainly an attention getting feature. With the original Kuma being a significant enough threat, one that Luffy and the others had a hard enough time with before on Sabaody, seeing this many of them appear is enough to really make them all take notice and the Sabaody residents themselves watching this through the monitors are certainly surprised and concerned by this.

The Kuma force is pretty indiscriminate as well, since it's essentially a gambit kind of last resort weapon. Throwing them into the mix of pirates and Navy men that are fighting, the Navy men themselves aren't in any better of a position since they'll get caught in the crossfire with no remorse or concern by the Kuma's. And even as this new element of carnage plays out, there's a significant amount of other fights in play that are keeping things entertaining as well. Mihawk has found himself going up against the master swordsman of the Whitebeard pirates and Smoker is in his standoff against Hancock that's been interesting to watch. And in the midst of all of this, most of it is getting aired so that a lot of the population can see it, though I'm not entirely clear how far it's getting.

And that aspect is something that is wonderfully taken advantage of by Buggy who is presenting himself as a legendary pirate for them all to see. He's actually looking pretty good while wearing a converted Navy coat and taking on a very serious role, though it ends up going for comedy instead. But the whole incident is pushing the Navy command structure into a fit since it exposes things they don't want to everyone to see. Sengoku's pushed past his tolerance limits with everything and seeing him get a bit frantic is welcome after all the time spent with him looking on with a sage and wise look as if everything was going according to his plan.


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