Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Episode #03 Anime Review

The First Street of Marie's Garden may be open, but things are not entirely working like clockwork over at Ichigo and friends' place. There is still division between Johnny and Kashino, who get along like fire and water. The first day, however, is Ichigo's, so Vanilla works some magic to make over their still unfinished shop. With the makeover, it looks like a cute little pastry shop. On the outside, at least. The inside is still unfinished. However, since the main street isn't open yet, it's hard to attract customers. That's going to be a problem, if Ichigo is going to be the leader of this bunch (the four will be taking turns to see who can sell the most, and thus claim the leadership).

Of course, Ichigo is much better at eating and goofing off than minding the store, so Johnny grabs Ichigo and heads over to First Street to check things out, while Kashino is left minding the store with Lemon. Over there, they find the place crowded, especially Andoh's new store, a branch of his family's Yumezuki sweets shop. Not just crowded, but too crowded, with customers who do not all look entirely pleased with the experience. The looks of impatience on some customers' faces does not bode well. Andoh himself appears to be overwhelmed.

And now, a moment from our xenophobic writers, who enjoy putting down America while praising Japan. Americans have not really invented anything, just taken the sweets of others. Therefore, Americans have no sense of tradition, and need to find it elsewhere. And we lack originality as well, it appears. So, of course, you have to go to Japan to discover tradition and originality at the same time. And diligence! Let's not forget the diligence!

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