Eden of the East Complete Series Blu-ray Anime Review

Based on an original idea by Kenji Kamiyama, Eden of the East is an eleven episode series that further cements his position as one of my favorite creators. Original works continue to be few and far between as companies want to go with what works and known quantities, so when original works come along it's usually worth taking notice. With Kamiyama having established himself well with the Blood: The Last Vampire OVA and then on to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex before banging out Moribito, Eden of the East was pretty highly anticipated. The fact that the TV series has also been done as a compilation movie that also goes into two other movies only adds to the allure of it as has a definite path it wants to take. Which is good as the TV series is certainly a curious work.
Eden of the East is a show that I really hate to say it, but it's like the marketing materials for The Matrix. You have to see it and you have to go into it with little knowledge. The big hook of the show has been the opening as we're introduced to Saki Morimi, a young college graduate to be who has come to the US with her friends but broke away from them to go to Washington D.C. to see the things she wanted to see. What she didn't expect to see there, after tossing a few coins past the gate at the White House, is a young Japanese man holding a gun and a cell phone with no clothes on. Events end up putting the two of them together and they end up making their way back to Japan together.
The young man, Akira Takizawa, has lost his memories and hasn't a clue who he is but knows plenty of things including a whole lot about movies and the world itself. 9/11 is referenced, other events and one involving this timeline called Careless Monday when a series of eleven missiles hit inside Japan but nobody was killed. Saki finds herself drawn to him and tries to keep herself near him while Akira tries to discover what he's involved in as the phone connects him with a woman who will do anything he asks and notes that he has under ten billion yen with which to try and change Japan for the better in order to save it. Akira finds himself in a strange game that's filled with quite a few layers as it plays out and a small but interesting cast of characters that adds a lot of little accents to events as it plays out.

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