Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #16 Anime Review

After the recent incidents and the rise to power of the group seeking to destroy the Nura clan, everyone is pretty much on edge at this point. Security is being beefed up and the Karas-tengu are being utilized even more to keep an eye on things and gather more information. With the attack that happened, there's definitely more tension out there and even Yura is really aware of what's happening. Her concern as an Onmyouji comes in that she sees that if humans get involved in this apparently growing war between yokai, it could lead to disaster. Especially as the secret is still largely kept about what's going on in this otherworldly clan.

Yet even in the middle of all this, Rikuo has classmates over at his residence where they're doing activities for school with Oikawa leading the charge for physical activities. With the element of danger out there, certainly there are ways to beg off of such things so as to not put people in trouble. And trouble is definitely out there as they get a hint at where one of their targets is as Rikuo, in his night form, leads an attack against Kagibari at the restaurant she's at which serves yokai in general. Their move gives her the chance to run but the name is out there and what she looks like, which sets into motion more events as they need to stop her because of what's happened previously.

And just as the episode starts to build up strength, it ends up sputtering out as Kagibari sneaks away into the shadows and the focus shifts to Rikuo's human friends. Which is fine, but they're not really all that interesting for a lot of this, even as numerous Yokai watch on and glimpses are caught but not believed. The human element of the show continues to be one of the weak points of the series outside of Yura since she's more aware of things and segments in this episode only reinforce it. The characters are nice enough but the dynamic of it leaves you wanting since it's pretty empty for the most part. When it does shift back to Kagibari with Yura, it's a bit better since the danger side rises up but the show has lost a lot of its tension and mood by that point because of the detour into pointless material.


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