Linebarrels of Iron Part 2 Anime DVD Review

Linebarrels of Iron proved to be an interesting show in its first half as it went with what was a fairly familiar storyline with fun characters and some very solid production values. Unfortunately, the second half ended up getting delayed by about ten months and that's made getting back into the show a bit hard unless you have the chance to re-watch the first half again. Once it gets rolling though, Linebarrels of Iron all comes blazing back for the most part and the elements of the first half that made it so much fun are definitely fully on display. Though it's not without a few missteps as well.

The final half of the series, clocking in at twelve episodes, covers a fair bit of ground as the Juda organization folks find their battle becoming even more intense. The fight against the Katou organization takes a surprising turn when the Chief ends up killed in cold blood by Reiji. There's plenty of angst about what's happened and Kouchi naturally flies off the handle, but the event is definitely a turning point for the group. The loss of the chief causes quite the vacuum in the power structure and while there isn't a listlessness about it, the focus isn't quite as strong as it was. In a way, the group tends to strikes out at things since the Katou organization has their plans and are doing their level best to keep Juda off balance in a few different ways.


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