Maid-Sama! Episode #17-18 Anime Review

We continue with the Maid Latte gang still hanging out at Satsuki's sister's beach house. Misaki is up early in the morning, as everyone else is still sleeping in. While brushing her teeth on the balcony, she happens to overhear Nagisa and Aoi arguing. Aoi has taken to cross-dressing again, and Nagisa tells him to knock it off. She will, however, allow him to do as he wishes, if he can complete one task: that is to win the Hakusengahama Viva Royale Beach Volleyball Tournament, the annual beach volleyball tournament whose winners get to be crowned Beach Prince and Beach Princess at the local summer festival. Aoi is determined to win at all costs, though he has to find a partner for the competition. Misaki, however, is impressed by his determination and decides to help him, even though she's never played this version of the game before.

Though neither is very experienced, they manage to make it to the finals based on determination alone. It doesn't hurt that Misaki is good athletically. However, the team meet their match when they get into the finals: facing off against Erika (one of the maids from Maid Latte) and Usui, who decided to play even though Misaki notes that he's not the type to generally care for such things. The final match does not go well for Aoi and Misaki, as Usui is just too superhumanly able to do anything (his near invincibility in almost every respect is rather annoying actually). Of course, he does have his weak spot, which is Misaki. And that ends up costing him the match. Aoi is happy at all events, as he and Misaki win the match, even if it is by default.

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