Baccano! Complete Collection UK Anime DVD Review

Baccano is a series that I had little knowledge outside of a great opening theme tune. After watching it at first, I was wondering if I was getting a Haruhi syndrome with things happening out of place, years switching and character’s pasts and future changing in a second. But as the episodes when through, the cobwebs began to clear and everything made sense – and turned it into a rather epic show.

 We have 3 years to talk about, with a 4th also mingled. Each are told in various parts and the years keep switching at a point where a number of the characters all have a part in each of the stories and the years so watching Baccano means watching three separate stories told together, but sporadically at the same time. It definitely takes a few episodes getting used to, but eventually everything comes together. The first episode sets the tone for the madness to come – that we have a young girl Carol, an assistant of a newspaper called the Daily Days who is told by her boss to investigate a series of strange events, ranging from 1711 to the 1930s, and choose a "main character" from about twenty people. This is where the changes are put through as despite this timeline, they are debating to when they are occurred. The year is 1932, we learn of the Gustavo mafia family who are searching for a rival Mafioso of the Genoard family named Dallas. We later cut to 1931, and see someone in the 1932 segment named Firo, his friends Ennis and Maiza, awaiting the train known as the Flying Pussyfoot, which later arrives in New York and they meet up with two friends named Isaac and Miria, two happy go lucky folk who they greet in arms. And during this first episode outside of that, we also get a man apparently flung by the trains and surviving with his girlfriend in arms and a psychotic comic escapade, and in the 1932 segment, the same Fino who was kind to Isaac and Miria, somehow survive ten dozen rounds of bullets, the slicing of his fingers and general blood spillage. Needless to say, this story needs to be explained.

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