Rainbow Episode #17 Anime Review

With Mario having survived his encounter with the law and getting his record essentially cleared, he's ready to start living his life without fear. But that can't begin until he confronts Setsuko about things as he has very much fallen in love with her since escaping from the reformatory. They've spent so much time together and suffered a loss together that has definitely impacted both of them that he refuses to let her go. Even though it's been over a year and a half since Sakuragi died, his presence is still very much there. And as it turns out, she holds herself to blame for some of it and feels she's not worthy of anyone, hence accepting the arranged marriage.

Mario's pain and anguish comes at a time when Scam is going the other route. One of the things he had agreed upon with Turtle was that he would introduce him to some women after Mario got out, so now he's insisting that Turtle follow through. Turtle being the kind of guy he is has a plan as he can't really introduce Scam to women until Scam actually knows what's involved in truly knowing a woman, which means it's time to visit the brothels and get his friend taken care of. Scam's amusing about this as he panics the first time around and insists it's not the way he wants to go, but when he does see someone elsewhere that he finds to be incredibly attractive, he's ready to get the money and go learn what it means to be a man.

The other story that gets dealt with is Joe. With everyone starting to go their own ways now, such as Mario heading to Shibuya to be a bartender, Joe is getting closer to becoming a singer through the help of Turtle who has him at the right place at the right time for a gig that gets him on stage to help out. Such a situation is good at first, it showcases Joe's talents and makes it clear he has potential, but he jumps into the wrong arena with it as it turns pretty dark with violence and intimidation by those involved. Joe's had it rough throughout the series, especially with what he suffered through at the reformatory, so it's definitely hardened him in a way, though he still looks calm and serene most of the time as though he's just a very friendly and outgoing guy. With this issue though, he's likely to be the main story arc going into the next few episodes and that's a welcome change.

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