Hetalia: World Series Episodes #26-29 Anime Review

When the show shifts back to the original main trio of characters, I do find myself smiling more. So when this batch opens with Japan hanging out with Italy and Germany, there's a lot to like. Japan ends up getting put through some intense training as Germany wants him in tip top shape and ends up not liking just about everything that Japan does when it comes to food and exercise. With Japan being fairly old and not even remembering how many birthday's he's separated, having his medical report come across wrong and being put into such a regimen is definitely fun to watch. Much as is watching Italy narrate a small story about cats who have nationalistic aspects to them, taking the whole Hetalia gag to another level.

Germany gets an interesting episode in addition to this as he's got a problem after dealing with Japan in that he's unable to have a beer in his presence now. His older brother can't believe it, nor can anyone else, and they do their best to push it on him and get him to drink. I think this is the first time we've seen his older brother and he definitely is amusing in how he deals with his younger brother and the statements about how beer is simply the blood that runs through a good German's veins. What makes the whole ordeal even worse, especially for Germany, is that Italy is the one that points out the foolishness of it all in how they're approaching their diet and exercise changes. And that only reinforces what they're doing since they can't be seen backing down, especially from something that Italy has pointed out.

The focus on Germany is particularly strong in this batch as we also see him dealing with Austria a bit as he's still essentially freeloading at his place. Austria's aloof style continue to be very amusing when played in contrast to Germany and his brash outwardness, especially as he starts to have an influence on Germany and you see him getting all serene and sophisticated. Having France show up in the midst of an argument they're having puts them on the same side for a bit and it only serves to once again highlight a side of Austria that he doesn't want seen, especially as it was England who sent him off there to spy. Austria can be so decidedly cute at times that it's too much.

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