Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #16 Anime Review

After a really mediocre at best recap episode the previous week, this week gets back to the main story as we follow Ryner and Ferris. The two of them have taken a bit of a quiet side trip to check out the kid that was rescued previously that Ryner had a real back and forth with over powers, responsibility and what it means to have them. That episode was actually pretty decent at times as it showed us a side of Ryner we hadn't seen with how he grew up with these powers and the way he can provide something of a guiding parental role with the next generation.

As the story moves along, it shifts more towards dealing with Ferris and her past a bit, which we see through a flashback to four years prior. The time spent at House Eris is rather relaxed and pleasant, though there is some play time where Ryner gets abused by the others easily and he takes his lumps almost like a big brother would. For Ferris, it's interesting to see her in this setting as she's pretty quiet and relaxed, though not in a bad way with being quiet, as she's coming across more as content than anything else. The interactions between the group as they take the down time is nice, but it's an extra bit of fluff that's hard to justify in the series which still seems like it's really meandering without any firm story arc going on.

The bit of back story for Ferris that comes out with regards to Lucile has Ryner dealing with it as he's concerned about it and that leads to a confrontation in a dark room with him. Lucile certainly has a decent enough look, similar to Ferris and threatening in that kind of mildly cool but cold way, and we get an interesting power or two as he makes very explicit threats about how far Ryner can go with his sister. Lucile's not exactly a welcome distraction to the show as it doesn't add all that much just yet, though you can see it being more of a point later in the series, but right now it's just another piece in a puzzle that doesn't look like it goes together.

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