Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #04 Anime Review

Following the theft of the Wild Falken by the DC at Izu Base, the Shirogane plans to go in pursuit, taking on a few members of the SRX Team and the Special Tactics Instruction Squad to join the ATX Team in the pursuit. Major Kai will have command of the combined force of personal troopers.

Far away, in The Earth Cradle, a cold storage facility deep underground meant to ensure humanity's survival, but associated with the Divine Crusaders, the leader of the DC remnants, Col. Van Vat Tran, is meeting with the head of the facility, who is offering new help against the Federation. We also meet a shadowy figure named Vindel Mauser, who is offering his support to the new DC. After the meeting, however, Vindel and another mysterious lady hold a secret meeting, where it becomes clear that these two actually represent yet another faction is this complex struggle (let's see, we have the Earth Federation, the DC, the aliens, and now this other group, though I feel certain they will feel familiar to those who have played the games).

Back on the Shirogane, Latooni is finally telling the truth about the enemies they face: Seolla, the pilot who stole the Wild Falken, is a survivor of The School, as she is. It's likely, she says, that Arado and Ouka Nagisawa, also survivors of The School, are also fighting for the DC (we have met Arado, but not this Ouka yet). After the meeting, we learn something interesting. Lamia, the language-deficient new pilot in the ATX Team, is trying to send a secret message out to someone, but her transmitter may be damaged, just like her language circuits, so she says. Language circuits? Is she an android?

At that moment, however, an enemy submarine is sighted, it's the Evil Major's DC ship. So the ATX SRX ATI squads all scramble. The DC forces also launch, with Seolla in the Wild Falken. When Seolla catches sight of Latooni (able to identify her by her moves) the two go into one on one combat, but the two of them don't fight as much as talk, each trying to bring the other over to their side. Both claim to be the one in the right, with the other being used. When Latooni almost has Seolla in her sights, Arado comes to save her, but instead put himself in the sites of another trooper and gets shot down. Apparently, he is not able to eject from his personal trooper as it splashes down into the water.

While it may appear that the Federation force has won, suddenly another combatant appears out of nowhere, the mysterious Special Unit, and makes an immediate assault on the Shirogane. We are left with the Special Unit about to unleash a fearsome looking blade upon the battleship.

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