Samurai Girls Episode #04 Anime Review

With events settling down a touch after the first three episodes, the girls have determined that while Jubei is definitely dangerous, she's not evil. In fact, there is an agreed upon belief that she's definitely a samurai, which is still something that surprises them, but the dispute now falls on how she's become like she is. The focus is on Muneakira and the way she seems to have become as powerful as she was and set off from the kiss from him. Though there is an element that doesn't quite believe this, overall there's the idea that it's worth pursuing, though Muneakira is forbidden from kissing Jubei. Others are weighing the idea of getting a little liplock with him though in order to unleash their potential.

Much of the episode focuses on the silly side as the debate goes on and attempts at learning how to kiss are made, mostly from books and talking it out with others. But once the determination has been made to kiss Muneakira to see if it'll grant an increase in ability, Sanada makes quite a few attempts at it, all to poor results it comical throughout. The student council has made their decree pretty clear and Muneakira isn't exactly chomping at the bit to kiss anyone so there's a lot of back and forth to be made over it. There's a bit of a touch on social issues with it, which is not a surprise, but they miss a bit of an opportunity to show a bit more of how social norms are different under this timeline where Tokugawa has retained power. You get some flavor of it, but they could have gone into it a bit more.

The back and forth of it all is fun and it's good to see the way Sanada is getting a bit closer to Muneakira as she does her best to kiss him. Of course, with a show like this, they do take things up a few notches with the unbelievable sexuality of it, including a scene with Sanada and Muneakira naked and pressed against each other and it's very amusing to watch how her feelings are throughout it. The mixture of the main story and the open sexuality works rather well, though I can see it easily throwing off some folks who would prefer it to be a bit less overt, but that's what this show has been like from almost the start. As it deals with the core story idea, it's kind of cute and hints at what's to come by doing it in a silly and fun way while allowing the group to define itself a little bit better with its war against the Student Council.

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