Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #17 Anime Review

When the show shifts to the paranormal patrol subplot, the already generally low quality of the series dips even further. With so much yokai activity in the area, you could swing a dead cat and hit something paranormal related but this group has a hard time really figuring anything out. In fact, more often than not, it comes across as a kind of lazy scout troop in that they do some activities and go on trips without actually accomplishing anything or earning any badges. With Rikuo and the others involved in it to some extent, they keep tabs on things well enough but there's even a sort of barely tolerated vibe about the whole thing coming from Rikuo.

And let's be honest, Kiyotsugu is pretty damn annoying.

With the show half focusing on the patrol and their discoveries as they reveal things about the shrines and past histories, it's pretty bland overall. There is the persistent threat of evil around every corner with a lot of ominous moments and darkness and there's even a very amusing moment of a yokai appearing behind Kiyotsugu at one point while he's going through his litany of things about yokai that he's not even aware of it. And his moment of discovery is completely blown apart when Shima intervenes by trying to save him since he's unaware of what's going on. While it may work as a bit of comedy for the brief moment that the yokai is bouncing around on a soccer ball, it again paints the show into a bad place where powers are used, creatures are afoot and nobody really knows. Or they're thought of as crazy if they are seen ant talk about it.

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