Tears to Tiara Complete Collection Anime Blu-ray Review

Originally an adult PC game that was then adapted and remade as a mainstream console game, Tears to Tiara is a twenty-six episode series that plays well in the world of fantasy while mixing in a lot more material than just swords and sorcery. Similar to another series by the same group of people, Utawarerumono, Tears to Tiara is a show that plays with a large scale of characters and settings as it deals with empires, people and how all of it works. There are details to be glossed over of course and with a good sized cast there are characters that aren't fully explored, but so few series dabble in this kind of story that Tears to Tiara really does stand out.
Taking its cues from the darker ages of European history, Tears to Tiara starts off as any good series should by having a young girl readied for sacrifice. Riannon is a special young woman of the Gael tribe on the island of Erin who has magic healing powers and a ancient ties to the greatly revered elf Pwyll from time gone past, an elf who had made a kingdom into a legend before it fell to ruin. The sacrifice doesn't go all that well as the ritual is interrupted by the arrival of Riannon's brother, Arthur, who serves as the First Warrior of the clan and will do anything he can to protect his sister. His timing is unfortunate though as the seal has already been broken and the great demon king Arawn has already awakened and taken Riannon into his grasp.
Things take an amusing turn though as Riannon gives herself willingly to Arwan and Arwan isn't quite what the legends had made out, something that he is quick to point out when he doesn't seem to meet up with other peoples expectations since he's slumbered for so long. What makes the situation even more complicated is that Riannon's position as his sudden new wife means that Arwan is the chieftain of the Gael clan now, something he wasn't exactly looking for. The only thing that mollifies him is the arrival of a very old friend in a sage and mage named Ogam who has watched over the Gael but also knew Arwan when he wasn't in the human form he is now, a time when he was something akin to a godling.

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