Hetalia: World Series Episode #30 Anime Review

While I definitely like the World War II era for the show, when it deals with the modern day events such as the G8 meetings, it adds an extra bit of fun. With their pasts and confrontations in mind, seeing how they all sort of work together and get jabs in where they can is a extra special. The G8 meeting this time around talks a bit about dropping excess weight from the group, eyeing someone in particular, but mostly it's all about the way they get silly while trying to get things accomplished. Thankfully, even though this meeting takes place in Italy, Italy himself is very distracted by a cat he's playing with, which helps the meeting progress a bit more than it would otherwise.

There's some cute moments with Sweden as he's all staid and true which keeps him from being accessible. But what makes the episode even more adorable than it should be is the inclusion of a Nekotalia short. Having the cats as countries dealing with events within a neighborhood, figuring out how to deal with tuna and so ofrth is just beyond cute. Japan cat alone takes the cake here with his attempts at stopping a ban on canned tuna, but it's all good for him in the end. The kitty versions are pretty mild here but they're just so, so adorable. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a whole line of Nekotalia plushies and toys. They're just so marketable.

Source Here: //www.mania.com/hetalia-world-series-episode-30_article_126026.html


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