Rainbow Episode #18 Anime Review

While the show has spent a lot of its time on either the group as a whole, Sakuragi or Mario, it hasn't spent a lot of detailed time with most of the others. They get some good material, but entire arcs devoted to them have not been the order of the day. In a way, that's not a bad thing as Joe's arc as it's started out has been less than interesting at times. Joe's suffered a lot under the time in the reformatory and he's helped out immensely at key times, but his aspirations to a musical career and all that it entails there hasn't been captivating in its opening salvo. In a way, Turtle continues to be more interesting since he puts his fingers into every pie in an effort to make some money for himself.

Joe has aged considerably though since then. A good bit of time has passed and we've seen all of them get a little older and more sturdy now that life isn't quite so rough in a way. Outside of Turtle, perhaps. Joe's softer sides are still there but he has more of an adult edge to him now that gives him a serious look. Unfortunately for him, his manager/handler is moving things forward in a way that has him being told to cut ties with his friends from the reformatory since it could hurt his image. It's a difficult decision, one that you know challenges him, but at his core he still wants to sing for his sister more than anything else. Not surprisingly, outside of Turtle, the others are fine with it as they understand the challenges he has to face in this new arena. Turtle's a bit childish about the whole thing but his attitude isn't a surprise.

His sister is brought up elsewhere as well as we get to see what she's up to these days, at least for a moment or two. A lot of the show focuses on Joe's career though and the way he's being handled, which also ties into its gang backing. When a rival gang wants to get involved, not knowing that a very powerful gang is behind his manager, things start to get more serious and threats become overt rather than implied. It's not surprising to see these kinds of elements in this business at this time the story takes place in, but it's just one more piece that pushes the ability to suspend disbelief in that every one of these kids is still having some form of trouble with the law. It doesn't help Joe's story all that much either.

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