Full Metal Panic! Complete Collection Anime DVD Review

Full Metal Panic is a series that I have long heard about but never gotten around to watching. With Funimations recent rerelease of the first series, I am finally getting my chance. Not really knowing what to expect when I first put it on, I was pleased to find that I enjoyed it as much as I did. It is just a lot of fun from start to finish.
Kaname Chidori is the most popular girl in school. She is cute, intelligent, and more than a little self-sufficient as she has lived on her own since the death of her parents. She can also be abrasive as her outgoing personality has no patience for idiots; so while she is respected by all, she does not have many prospects as far as dating goes. 
But she also has a secret, one so secretive that even she is not aware of it. She is one of a select few people around the world known as "The Whispered," a group of individuals who have strange powers over technology, but whose roles are as yet undefined. And therefore she must be protected from those who would seek to manipulate her abilities.
Enter Sosuke Sagara, a sergeant in the mercenary organization Mythril despite being the precocious age of sixteen. Mythril is an organization dvoted to stamping out terrorism and has therefore taken it upon itself to protect The Whispered at all costs. A veteran of guerilla warfare in the Helmajistan region of Afghanistan, Sosuke has known nothing but warfare since his earliest days and is an expert in security situations, making him the ideal candidate to protect Kaname.

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