Shiki Episode #13 Anime Review

With the two main arcs of the series, at least in terms of the investigation of what's going on, plays out there's a growing sense of unease and dread to it all. And inevitability, which is an interesting angle to it as most series offer some form of hope to it. With one of the series leads in Natsuno having fallen prey to Toru's feeding schedule, and giving in to it at this point, his life is slowly ending and he's feeling somewhat fine with it. Toru had struck out to try and change things at one point after discovering the reality of what was going on, but he's getting worse as time goes on and has essentially given up on it since he can understand to some degree what Toru is going through.

It's interesting to see how the village is adjusting to all these changes as people don't want to believe that it's all actively getting worse. It's a classic head in the sand series of moments as people are disappearing and dying and yet those who live continue on with their daily lives, adjusting when necessary and moving on as though nothing has really happened. And what's making it worse is that since people have died in the hospital, unable to be saved from what's afflicting them, those who are now caught up in the okiagari's web don't want to go to the hospital for help since they fear it'll lead to death. Which keeps them at home where they can be sucked dry over a few days, leading them to either return from the dead or perish with some sense of finality to it.

The sense of dread that flows through this show is powerful and highly appealing. Natsuno's situation is a difficult one to watch, largely because of his accepting nature as well as seeing how it radically affects others. Toshio's story, the other main arc of the series, is painful to watch as well as he feels so impotent against what's going on and is unable to stem it medically or otherwise. And with people avoiding the hospital because of how things have played out and the growing rifts in his own family over events, including his own wife becoming affected by it, Toshio's feeling more and more helpless and lost. Seeing these two men go through this situation and unable to do much of anything adds beautifully to the atmosphere but also paints a picture where you become less and less sure of where the show will go and how it will all resolve. And that is a wonderful feeling in a sea of shows that are halfway predictable from their title alone.

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