Naruto: Shippuden Box Set 03 Anime DVD Review

In the last collection, we were left with quite the cliffhanger where it wasn’t absolutely certain that Sasori was defeated. Things looked pretty grim for Sakura as she had all but succumbed to Sasori’s poison. In a selfless act, Chiyo uses her antidote on Sakura. Chiyo also manages to lure Sasori into the path of the parent puppets where they embrace him, piercing his core with their swords. Sasori’s demise feels bitter sweet as we finally learn how he came to be so evil in one last flashback. Instead of cursing his grandmother for his demise, Sasori offers that in ten days he is to meet a spy of his in Orochimaru's service.
Elsewhere Kakashi devises a plan to stop Deidara, but it is going to require that Naruto get over his rage and reckless abandon for revenge for the moment. Naruto finally gets it when Kakashi reveals a new Sharingan and his plan. Team Guy still has their hands full trying to stop their doppelgangers. In a stroke of tactical brilliance, Lee determines that to defeat their foes, each team member must be stronger than they were when they removed first removed the seals that created the doppelgangers!
The fight that ensues between Kakashi, Naruto, and Deidara is quite epic as Kakashi focuses his Mangekyou, which collapses space. This new power is made up of all kinds of awesome as it completely severs Deidara's other arm. Being armless couldn’t happen to a more deserving punk! Kakashi’s intent was to completely collapse space around Deidara, but the Mangekyou takes up nearly all of his chakra and energy. Kakashi’s plan is successful as Naruto strikes Deidara's bird with the Rasengan. With Gaara in hand, Naruto turns his rage onto Deidara. Naruto’s immaturity gets the best of him as he pummels Deidara, or better yet, Deidara’s clone. This sends Naruto over the edge as his rage consumes him to the point where he sprouts two tails.
Acting quickly, Kakashi recalls Jiraiya giving him a seal to stop the nine Tails transformation by placing a seal on Naruto's forehead. Needless to say, Deidara is able to fool everyone as he sacrifices himself in a huge clay ball explosion in attempt to take out Team Guy and anyone nearby. A punk like Deidara is not going to be finished off that easily, just like Orochimaru’s lackey Kabuto.

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